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As a business owner, your biggest enemy is obscurity. If you aren't being seen by your potential customers, you are going to lose. Period. 
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 Secret #1
I will reveal the little-known secret to getting your paid advertising for FREE...this is completely legal and changes EVERYTHING!
 Secret #2
How to use a strategy that we call "Back Door Traffic" to ethically redirect traffic going to your competitors' site and get them to come to yours instead!
 Secret #3
How to follow up with people who engage with your social media or web content, even if you don't have any contact info for them!
Hosted by Digital Marketing Expert, 
Tobe Brockner
Tobe Brockner is the Founder and Creative Director at V-Squared Creative, a content marketing and digital advertising agency based in Boise, Idaho.

Tobe has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and understands marketing on a level that few can rival. In this presentation he will share the secrets that elude most and show you how to use three simple strategies to dominate your local market area.
 Learn the simple strategy behind all great digital marketing campaigns!
 Learn the secrets that your SEO guy doesn't want you to know!
 Understand how to create social media content that actually generates leads!
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